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  Image courtesy of Elizabeth Banks Photography

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Banks Photography

Having grown up in a long-time family heritage of musical professionals, I ultimately followed suit and graduated from the University of South Florida with a music degree (vocal) of my own.  Did the Nashville thing, worked as a musician.

Yes, you read that right...music.  Nashville.  Nothing to do with photography!  Ha!  Keep reading, though! 

I've worked professionally for years as a music coach, studio singer, church musician and worship leader in cities like Nashville, Virginia Beach, the Tampa Bay area, as well as in a tiny town within the hot desert of California (I still do those things!).  --It wasn't until we moved away from those bigger, musician-filled towns that I began to realize that I could explore and do so much more with my photography love as a potential second career.--  Photography has always excited me!  Every family vacation, trips to exciting places, and friends' milestones offered me the opportunity to creatively document memories over the years.  Once I decided to pursue photography, I took every opportunity to soak in the wisdom and technical expertise from several professional photographer friends/mentors.  I finally dove into the deep-end, officially opening Laura Sue Brod Photography in 2015.  

  Our old girl... how the PhotoFox got its name.  Image courtesy of Elizabeth Banks Photography.

Our old girl... how the PhotoFox got its name.  Image courtesy of Elizabeth Banks Photography.

So, what about editing and photographers' resources?!

In 2016, I began working as a custom image editor for a well known photographer on the west coast, and I ultimately opened up my availability to more photographers in 2017.  Always working to better myself and my skills, I'm currently studying for my ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) credentials for Photoshop.  I'll update that here when it's been accomplished!

I LOVE WHAT I DO, and I want to work with YOU, too! 

Over the last few years, I've also created my own templates and actions/presets.  These came out of necessity within my own photography business.  You'll love these resources as they're great time-savers, and I can't wait to share them with you!

A perfectionist at heart, I do my very best to give you 100% of my craft at all times, while also enjoying the process along the way. 


I recently outsourced wedding photos to Laura for post-processing and after having received them am so pleased at her meticulous and careful attention to detail as she precisely reproduced my style. I highly recommend her talent!

- Bobbilee Tanner, Bobbilee Tanner Photography


Between being a military wife, a home school mom, and running a full-time photography studio booking 9-12 sessions a month including weddings, keeping up with my editing schedule became a challenge.  Fortunately, I'm able to rely on Laura to edit with a quick turnaround that's 100% my precise style.  I love that when she edits for me, she allows me to see samples throughout the process to ensure that the images look precisely as it would look if I hand edited it myself.  There have been times that I've pulled up old images of mine and have had to remind myself that Laura was the one that edited them because they looked so incredibly spot-on like my own editing.  Allowing Laura to edit a portion of my sessions and handle heavier Photoshop jobs for me has freed me up to have a better work-life balance and make my successful studio a manageable workload with family life. 
Laura has done a variety of jobs for me with exceptional quality, including basic color correction, head swaps to make sure everyone is smiling in the photo, body slimming, stretching the background when I was shooting too quickly and cut off a part of the photo that I'd wanted to include originally, correcting wind-related wardrobe malfunctions, and so much more.  She's affordable, reliable, a perfectionist, and a person with the utmost integrity.  Save yourself some time and hire her now. 
- Jessica McGehee, Reflecting Grace Photography



I needed a sun flare removed from one of my images. Laura did an excellent job touching up my photo.  She was a life saver fix for one image I needed to get back to a client fast!! I appreciate her speedy service and quality work.  I will definitely return for help with more hard-to-tackle edits.
-Marquet Jones,  Blue Jay Photography  

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