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and see what Full Service Edits can do for you!

Full Service Edits


Pricing based on number of images in session. Please read description below.

      1-44 images   $42

  45-124 images   $70

  125-274 images   $135

 275-499 images   $180

  500-814 images   $220

815-1200 images   $275

For the busy photographer who wants their session completed from RAW format through to completed files that are ready to deliver to the client!  The full service package covers: color correction, application of brushes/actions/presets, *light retouching (minor spot removal), and high-resolution jpeg delivery with custom file naming.

*Heavy image retouching ordered for images in this service will be charged the Heavy Edits fee in addition to Full Service fee.  Heavy Edits are charged on a per-image basis.  Read more about Heavy Edits, here

GAIN MORE TIME by allowing me to custom edit your images! 

Color correction, culling, heavy editing and full-service edits are completed with care and experience that you can trust. 

Offering Lightroom and Photoshop edits, returned to you within 4-5 business days.  Galleries with large quantities of images may require additional time, so make sure to check with Laura before submitting your return date.  Rush orders are considered and accepted based upon calendar availability.

Let's work together! I learn YOUR style to return edits that mimic your work. My custom edits mix traditional fixes with actions/presets (when desired) for the highest quality images returned to you.