How does this work?





Fill out the New Client Form.

This helps me learn a bit about you and your normal editing workflow.  Use the blanks provided to list/describe any actions/presets you typically use.  When you're done and hit the Submit button, a new page opens with a link where you can upload several sample images.  Feel free to open the New Client Form in a new page so you can read these helpful instructions at the same time.  NEW CLIENT FORM (OPENS IN NEW PAGE)

Upload your Sample Images.

I'm happy to provide complimentary edits of up to five images, where I match your editing style.  You'll upload both RAW & EDITED samples of the same images, so that I can see just what you usually do (5 RAW + 5 EDITED = 10 images you'll upload).  I'll email you my edits.  If you like what you see when you receive my sample edits, we can move forward to the next step! 

Head over to the New Edits form and fill out your editing request there. 

You can be very specific on this form, if that's your jam!  (That's totally my jam, so you can explain to your heart's content!)  You'll then be directed to a link for uploading your new images to be edited.  I'll email you to let you know that I have your images, and I will also email you along the way, checking to see if I'm headed down the right path with the edits.  When edits are complete, I send you a proofing version of the images (usually a screenshot or a low-resolution jpeg with a watermarked PROOF across the image).  Upon your approval, an invoice is emailed to you.  Shortly after you've paid your invoice, I send you a link for downloading your completed files.  That's it!  

Coming back for a new round of edits?

You can now go straight to the SUBMIT HERE button in the menu bar.  You're a regular now, so go ahead and choose Returning Client.  Onward to greatness!